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Larvik    Nice place


Skagen spring

Morten    Breakfast

Shaken, not stirred    The dancing queens

Repairs    And Dina II tried hijacking again..

Norwegian customs    Celikan was visited too

ATM in a rubber dinghy!    Not so happy

On shore

Two years in water    Rudder repairs

Norwegian oak    Happy!!

Mounting the rudder    Repaired


At Flekkerøy    Kjære pier

Ove and Elisabeth    Ove

XO    Norway only?

Udvaar    Gannet and Rajo, Udvaar

Nina at Lindesnes    Our cook

Fishing, Imsa    And the fish got bigger

Dinner    Preparing dinner

Havmanden, Olavssundet    Entering, not exiting from the water

Summer    Bavaria dress code?

Now, listen

Skagen autumn

Our little friends    Never been onboard?

Seen before    Breakfast at Jacobs

And Kai had a good time, Kjell not    It`s better outside!

The guys    Shopping or beach?

All dressed up    Jan, the flirt

Home tomorrow??    Home tomorrow?????


Berit and Kai    Nautica meeting

Number three and then take left?    Barbecue in october

Beer    From Fredrikstad to Drøbak on a raft


Shellfish at Son    The others had shellfish.  I`ll have this!

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