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Portør    Church by the sea

Fishing in Portør    Anne Marie and Ebbe

Henning    The Barbecue-Master!

Arne and Berit    Pjolter Bay

At Lyngør    Repairing Arnes sprayhood

The fishermen!    Looking for crab

Entertainment after dinner    Port of call Skagen

The local pub at Lesø    Pernille and Mogens

Jane    Telling stories!


Roy and Per    Party onboard the Gannet

Barbecue-party    The Musician!

Time to go home!    Onboard Pakten

Another bottle, Sir???    Pinnø

Skagen Autumn

Jan Semb    Kjell and Tino


Wannabee    Sweethearts

Mine is bigger than Yours!    And the girls are impressed

Harbourmaster    In the frame

Alone at last    Ildverket

Better than summer    Hunting season

One year has gone by    Like father, like son

More stories    Learning

The sheep dog    Party-tents!

Utilizing space    And zero degrees

Nina    And me


Arne and me

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